Atha: Now is the time.
Time for you to take care of yourself. Time to tend to body, mind and spirit.
Now is the time for Yoga.

Register for class below* and take some time to take care of yourself.

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Beginner’s Yoga is an all levels class. There are eight limbs of Yoga and throughout this class different aspects of Yoga are gently introduced and practiced. The asana (posture) aspect of the class is kept fairly basic. Centering and relaxation practices are always to be expected. This class typically ends with at least five minutes of meditation. 


This class is open and accessible to those working with limited mobility, stability or strength. The majority of the class is done in the chair, but students will have the option, at times, to move beyond the chair if they are comfortable. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga through simple movement. This class emphasizes relaxation and learning the basic concepts of Raja Yoga.


Enjoy a simple Raja Yoga class in solidarity and pride for the LGTBQ+ Yoga community and friends. Class is led by a Robbie Morales, a member of the community. Celebrate love for all in the safe and welcoming space of Yoga! 


Relax and restore. Try this  “end of the work day” class to let go of your day and unwind. This class is a counterbalance to the busy ness of everyday life. It is an invitation to move from thinking and doing to feeling and being. Begin to unburden yourself, unplug and start fresh. Reboot your mind, and recharge your body with these slow, deep, revitalizing practices. Simple and slow postures, breathing, relaxation, and guided imagery included.


Somatics are movements designed by Thomas Hanna to heal sensory motor amnesia, or areas where the body has “forgotten” how to move with ease. The entire practice is done on the floor. Slow, deliberate movements are practiced to unwind tension, gain mobility, and increase sensation in the body. No experience is necessary. Great class for those who are looking to increase flexibility without strain.


As you embody your awareness, connect with your own inner wisdom, and your own inner healer. Listen to the inspiration of your own heart and soul.. Find you way back to yourself with slow gentle movements, subtle breathing practices, deep relaxation, guided imagery and meditation. This class is both nourishing and supportive.


This class incorporates the inspirations of Ayurveda and Yoga together. Ayurveda suggests that the elements that exist outside of us also exist within us in the form of air, ether, fire, earth, water. This practice will highlight how to use different yoga practices to balance these different elements and the seasons. In the fall we experience more of the effects of the  air/ether element, summer the fire element, winter and spring, the earth and water elements. The class focuses on the most balancing practices for each season, with added support for your individual constitution. Students are encouraged to adapt and adjust each practice to fit their individual needs. Postures, breathing, relaxation, and imagery included.


Yoga Nidra or “sleep with awareness” is a state of deep relaxation that promotes inner understanding and self-compassion. Based on Rod Stryker’s Para Yoga Nidra, the class begins with simple movement, or “Exercises for Joints & Glands” by Swami Rama, followed by breathing techniques, and then deep relaxation techniques from the ancient Himalayas. Learn to rest with yourself and restore your soul.