an incredible inward journey

Deepen your study of yoga and embark on a journey of empowerment, compassion, and self-discovery. For over 35 years, Yoga Now’s certification program has supported those who seek to deepen their connection to themselves through the ancient practice of yoga. With emphasis on heart-centered relaxation, Yoga Now’s certification program is an opportunity to develop personally and professionally.Since 1983, our graduates have blossomed into a vibrant yoga community filled with hundreds of our highly trained teachers in the greater Omaha metro and beyond. Become one of the many beacons of light who bring peace into the world, simply by cultivating inner peace.


certification begins September 2022

To enroll in Yoga Now’s certification program, complete the online REGISTRATON FORM and pay the $325 enrollment fee, which holds your space for the upcoming program. Payment accepted via Venmo: or mail a check made out to Susi Amendola to 601 S 67 ST Omaha, NE 68106. Once the registration form and enrollment fee are received, Yoga Now will contact you to confirm your enrollment.



over 35 years of teaching the wisdom of yoga

Yoga Now is the oldest yoga center in Nebraska and has shared the wisdom of yoga with the Omaha community since 1983. Study from Omaha’s original yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and yoga therapist (C-IAYT), Susi Amendola. Susi brings her expert knowledge, which stems from her lived experience at the prestigious Himalayan Institute. She has over 40 years of teaching and studying with some of the most influential teachers of our time, and writes and teaches for Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, which reverses heart disease through a yoga lifestyle. Be in the presence of a humble leader, who embodies the practice of yoga in all aspects of her life. Staff also includes experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Dr. Jacqueline Wilber. Jacqueline began practicing yoga in 2004 and became a yoga teacher in 2012, studying yoga and Ayurveda at the Himalayan Institute and at Yoga North with Deborah Adele. Jacqueline earned a doctorate in education in 2020, where her dissertation research examined the impacts of Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) on growth mindset and student learning. Alongside the expert staff, learn the profound teachings of yoga within the longstanding community of practitioners and seekers at Yoga Now.



a holistic study of yoga

The 200-hour Yoga Now yoga certification program includes a foundational and holistic study of the ancient practice of yoga in the Himalayan Tradition, as well as practical and technical skill development of best practices in teaching. Much of the time in training includes seated lecture and discussion. While practicing postures is a component of the training, it is not the entire focus. Yoga Now certification students have ranged in age from 18 to 80. Our graduates can be found using their yoga practice to support their personal lives, as well as teaching yoga to others in yoga studios, public schools, hospitals, in corporate workplaces, with veterans, and as modality for their integrative medicine and psychotherapy practices. While most of the students enroll in yoga certification for personal growth, many take the training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) through Yoga Alliance. Because Yoga Now encourages self-inquiry, everyone’s experience with yoga certification is unique to them.


Fridays 6-9pm
Saturdays & Sundays 9:30-5pm

Yoga Now certification occurs over weekends of training, which occur once or twice a month, allowing the teachings to integrate over time. We are extremely hopeful to hold the entirety of this program IN-PERSON at our center in Omaha, which has high quality air purifiers and large open windows for increased air circulation.

Sept 30, Oct 1, 2

Ground your roots into the wisdom of yoga. Learn the Eight Limb Path of Raja Yoga, Sankhya philosophy, and the practice of relaxation. Infuse your life with humanity, compassion, and love. Now is the time to begin the practice of yoga.

Oct 21, 22, 23
According to the ancient texts of yoga, asana (yoga postures) are practiced with steadiness and ease. Experience effortless effort in yoga postures and in life. Learn movement theory based in Thomas Hanna’s Somatics, and study asana from the Beginner’s Yoga Series by Swami Rama.

Nov 11, 12, 13
Learn best practices in teaching. Let your inner teacher shine as you learn to teach asana and relaxation to others.

Dec 10, 11
Practice teaching yoga in a community setting and among your peers. Prepare your asana class and receive feedback from Susi Amendola. This is your opportunity to polish your skills as a yoga teacher and mentor. Note: Asana Practicum is 12-5pm only.

Jan 6, 7, 8
Studying the human body provides invaluable insight to the subtle energies of yoga. Learn the structure and function of the systems of the body.

Jan 21, 22, 23
In this dreamy weekend, you’ll spend time in resting, breathing, and in periods of silence. Learn to rest with yourself, exactly as you are, without the push and pull of wanting things to be different. Practice deep, wide, and long breathing and other foundational pranayama practices to cultivate peace of mind.

Feb 10, 11, 12
Ayurveda, the world’s first system of medical well-being, teaches us to find balance and promote health. Learn the foundations of Ayurveda, your unique constitution, and the conditions of the environment. Navigate your own health and self-care with precision and clarity through every season. 

Feb 24, 25
The Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras provide beautiful wisdom for our modern lives. Learn how the Sutras and Gita can support you in philosophical questions about the purpose and meaning of life. Be inspired by the ancient texts of yoga.

March 10, 11, 12
According to the ancient texts of yoga, the human body is swirling with subtle energies that create your life. From the grounded feeling rooted in the Muladhara chakra, to the ethereal ecstasy of the Svadhistahana chakra, this weekend is an immersion into the energetic system of love, beauty, and joy.

March 31, April 1, 2
Bring together the learning and experience of the entire program. Review, redirect, and realign yourself with your vision for yourself as a torch barer of the yoga tradition. Bow to all your teachers – past, present, and future – as well as a deep bow to the teacher that resides within you.


register as a yoga teacher

Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Its mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga. Yoga Now’s Yoga Certification TT200 program is in accordance with Yoga Alliance and graduates are eligible to register as Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT 200). Students of the program will graduate with a certificate of completion simply by attending all training weekends. For those who are interested in becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, you must complete the following:

  • Be present for all training hours.
  • Finish all homework assignments.
  • Complete a written exam.
  • Log and attend 50 classes at Yoga Now. 25 of the 50 classes must be with trainers Susi Amendola or Jacqueline Wilber.
  • Meet individually with Susi Amendola to discuss your written exam, experience in the program, and future with yoga.


Yoga Now offers a monthly payment plan option of $325 per month for 10 months + $325 enrollment fee (total $3,500). The enrollment fee is required for registration, and the first payment is due before the start of the program. Save by paying in full by the start of the program $3,000 + $325 enrollment fee (total $3,250). Payment accepted via Venmo: or mail a check made out to Susi Amendola to 601 S 67 ST Omaha, NE 68106.