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Dr. Josh Friedman Psy.D., CHHC earned his doctorate in Psychology from New York University and received post-doctoral training in Psychoanalysis for the Training and research institute for Self Psychology in New York City. He worked as an eating disorders psychotherapist at the esteemed Renfrew Center of New York and is on the Faculty of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. For more than 10 years, he has worked as a psychologist with adults, couples and families. As his practice has evolved, it became clear to him that something was missing from traditional psychotherapeutic approaches. Curiosity and a chance meeting led him to discover the world of Nutritional Psychology, which teaches that many psychological issues are caused or made worse by underlying biochemical/ nutritional deficiencies. Further exploration led him to the practice of yoga, with its emphasis on breathing, meditation and movement for emotional centering.

Through comprehensive assessment, Dr. Friedman helps patients identify their neurotransmitter deficiencies and provides education about the basic supplements that help alleviate specific neurotransmitter deficiency symptoms. These techniques have been shown to be effective without many of the side effects of medication and can often be used in conjunction with psychiatric medications with approval of the prescribing health care provider.

To enhance his effectiveness in helping a patient to heal and grow, he became certified as a Holistic Health Counselor at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and has studied with Mental Health Nutritional leaders Dr. Charles Gant, MD, Ph.D., Julia Ross, MA, and Tim Kuss, Ph.D. Dr. Friedman is an avid yoga practitioner and a student of Susi Amendola, ERYT 500.

Dr. Friedman’s practice now offers integrative psychotherapy services which combines the healing power of insight oriented psychotherapy with education about lifestyle and nutritional tools that have shown scientific efficacy in improving mental health symptoms.




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Kendra McCallie has been a licensed mental health therapist for well over a decade and practicing yoga for eight years. ‘As a certified EMDR therapist, she has with extensive training in treating complex trauma issues. Kendra earned her masters degree in Social Work in the late 1990’s and has worked in various clinical settings which have led her on the journey to private practice.

She studied yoga under Susi Amendola and was fortunate to complete her yoga teacher certification at YOGA NOW (formerly Omaha Yoga & Bodywork Center). It was her time as a Clinical Supervisor at a busy non-profit mental health clinic where she treated patient’s struggling with severe mental illness that yoga became her lifeline. She recognized how vitally important yoga was to her overall health, ability to treat patients and be a strong support for her staff and of course, her family. Kendra credits a yoga workshop at YOGA NOW she attended a few years back with opening her eyes to the idea of integrating the healing power of yoga into a mental health setting. The workshop, which taught healing for anxiety and depression through yoga, was like finding the missing piece.

“I began to understand that the psychotherapy work I was doing with patients was only one aspect of vibrant health. Both mind and body must be aligned when you want true healing.”

This journey has led her to the integrative therapy she currently practices in the Mind-Body Clinic at YOGA NOW where she uses what she calls ‘the trilogy of treatment’: psychotherapy, EMDR and yoga. Through all of these she has been witness to the astounding changes in her patients’ lives when they open up to the practice of yoga, psychotherapy and loving support.

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